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short wave info radio-insight
go to rabittit ears go to vakitsgo to tvfool
go to qucs go to shireengo to tekthing
go to 73magazine go to 73magazinego to df3cb
go to airchecks go to Linksgo to tube data
go to calman go to ham utubego to solar24
go to mike connections go to tower of the week go to Theremin
go to datasheet go to datasheet go to ham datasheet4u
go to lyngsat Take Me To the rocketcam go to smd
go to extreme tech go to amateur radio digital voicego to fdmdv
go to extreme tech go to amateur radio digital voicego to fdmdv 
go to amateurlogic go to the HamCams go to portforward
go to nec2 go to gal-anago to earthview
go to tinycad go to web-radio go to web-radio
go to rf parts go to radiolocatorGo to the PVRA l
go to oovoo go to antennaweb go to rwonline
go to the Dead Person Server dead persons go to find a grave 

go to HAMDATA OTR Site Go to Early Radio History
Check My Speed Check My Speed Check Your Ports
Go to Vintage tv Take Me To spacedayly Visit Ian Purdie VK2TIP's www.electronics 
go to thepi6atv site go to the AM Bullitin BoardTake Me To The AM Window
go to mikemods Go to the Current Hamfest Schedule for the Philadelphia Area  Show me how ..
Go to solarpower Take Me To Jim Hawkins Radio Room go to ac6v
Go to color hamband Go to color pickerGo to the videouniversity
Go to antenna's Go To ResistorGo to the VHF report
Go to open rpt Go to open rptGo to the ECARS 7225
Go to QRP builder Go to UbuntuGo to techlib
 Go to vlf it  Go to TWIT Live
go to kk4obi
Go to Radio Hall Of Fame Go to MBCGo to obs
Go to flight gear Go to liveatcGo to nasatv
Go to solarpower tube Go to toms harware

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