The inverted V Antenna (click on image for a larger view)

I have a crazy antenna design that Gary saw last week. It's the one I talk to you on all the time.  Refer to the pix.

It's a 246' Inverted-V where its apex is at the center of an unused tele pole.  Only about 20' high.  The right leg extends downward to the ground unobstructed to a steel pole about 8' high.

Now the left leg extends downward into the wooded area in the photo.  As you can see there are trucks parked underneath.  But, the SWR on 60M is 1.05-to-1 or less.   I get out on all the other major bands too.  I keep all the vines away by cutting them weekly. 

Let me know if the photos are visible & clear.  If not, I'll send some other pix.

Thanks & 73,



Oh just a follow up on the pix.

I forgot to explain the feedline photo.  I needed to suspend the 300ohm ladderline above the ground.  I didn't know how to accomplish that task.  So I took junk pieces of 2" PVC pipe and just jambed them into the ground.  I notched the top so the Twin lead wouldn't fall out onto the ground.  I just daisy-chained them down the lawn.  It goes thru a cinderblock wall right into my tuner box.

The other ends of the feedline are of course soldered to either side of the Inverted-V at the tele pole.




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