K1OF Google MUF 5/2/08 (click on image for a larger view)

Gents, This is a fascinating way to visualize where the bands are open to at any time of the day. After you download the KLM files, Google Earth will incorporate them and you will have access to updated MUF info every time you use Google Earth. 15-meters ( and maybe even 10-meters) looks open between Africa and Brazil. Note the files have the wrong extension, rename them from .XML to .KML and they will work.
They can be downloaded from:

http://terra1.spacenvironment.net/~ionops/es4dintro.html(Click Here)

Attached is a screen capture I made off Google Earth just a few minutes ago. The QRZ website also has a link to these files. Have fun, 73, Rich - K1OF 73,





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