Station Descriptions - The purpose of this page is to share with others the equipment, accessories, and antennas being used by "regulars" on 160m.
Those who have web sites have their callsigns underlined.

John, N9LBW, Wilmington, OH
Transceivers: Primary: YAESU FT-dx5000MP Secondary: Kenwood TS-990S
Amplifiers: Primary: Dishtronics Prometheus DX 2400L1, Secondary: Tokyo HY-Power HL-2.5Kfx
Tuners: Primary: PALSTAR AT5K Secondary: MFJ 998
TX Antennas: Primary: Carolina Windom, Secondary: Van Gordon All Bander
RX Antenna: 160M Dipole

Charlie , W4TMR , Winston-Salem , NC
Transceiver: ICOM  IC-756 PRO III
Amplifier: AMERITRON AL-811  or  Homebrew pair 572Bs
Tuner: Hmbrw
TX Antennas : Inverted Delta Loop  or  Inverted L
RX Antennas : Short Bev (west) , Three Flags (NE,South',NW), KAZ (NE) , Shielded Loop

Roy, WO5A, Murfreesboro, AR
Transceiver:  Icom 756 Pro 2, TS 430S
Amplifier: Hmbrw, 1.5Kw
TX Antenna: 160m, Base Fed, 110ft Vertical, 160M Dipole at 100ft
RX Antennas: 2 Full Wave Bev's, N/E and West

Tom, K4TOM, Jacksboro, TN
Transceiver: Ten Tec Omni VII
Amplifier: Ameritron AL80B
TX Antennas: 3/8 Inverted L, Inverted Double Bazooka
RX Antennas: Short Beverage, Shielded Loop

Lindy, WW5AA, Little Rock, AR
Transceivers: ICOM 756 Pro3, ICOM 746 (original)
Amplifiers: Ameritron AL80B, AL1500, AL572
TX Antenna: 252ft Ladder Line Doublet at 60ft (160-10m)
RX Antenna: 300ft Low Loop

Tom, K4RPA, Lenior City, TN
Transceiver: FT450D, TenTec Eagle
Amplifier: TenTec Centurian
Antennas: DX Eng. 43ft Vertical, Sloping 1/4 Wave Long Wire

Tony, K1VUV, Ridgely, MD
Transceiver: ICOM 756 Pro III
Tuner: MFJ 969
Antenna: 160M Dipole (apex 40ft)

Jay, WB4MDX, Knoxville, TN
Transceivers: ICOM 7600 & 756, KW 480SAT, Yaesu 857D
Amplifier; Ameritron AL80A
Antenna: "Square Root" (mod. INV L & mod UNADELLA dipole on same coax), all bands 160 thru 10M
Alternate QTH: Lake Norris, TN
Transceiver: ICOM 735
Amplifier: Ameritron AL80A
Tuner: Homebrew
Antenna: same as home QTH

Dick, WB9AIS, Mequon, WI
Transceivers: IC-7600, TS570D
Amplifier: ICOM PW-1
Antenna: Inv V (apex at 62ft, ends 45 & 35ft)

Aubrey, KE4OVN, Greenfield, TN
Transceivers: ICOM-706, FT-857D
Amplifier: modified Clipperton L (160M mod)
Antennas: Modified dipole, Triangle Loop

Ray, WD8DFW, Warren, OH
Transceivers: ICOM-7000, TS-450AT
Amplifier: Ameritron AL-1500
Tuner: MFJ-3KW
Antenna: Inv V (apex at approx. 50ft)
Motor Home
Transceiver: ICOM-706MKII
Amplifier: AIS-500
Antenna: Screwdriver on roof

Roger, KD8BZY, Charleston, WV
Transceiver: FT2000
Amplifier: Ameritron AL1200
Tuner: MFJ 986
Antennas: Full wave loop, Inv. Delta Loop, Bev (approx. 500ft)

Sam, KA3CFA, Monongahela, PA
Transceiver: FT920
Amplifier: Ameritron AL1500
Antenna: Full wave loop (rectangular shape)
Alternate QTH: PA Mountains
Transceiver: FT920
Amplifier: Ameritron AL80B
Tuner: Dentron MT3000A
Antenna: Full wave loop (triangular shape)

Ron , W9PT , Decatur , IN
Transceiver : Omni VI , FT-847 , Omni V
Amplifier : Centurion
Tuner : Ameritron  ATR-30
Antenna : Homebrew Trap Inv V ( 160,80,40 )

Kevan , W5KTW , Imboden,AR
Transceiver : TS-2000
Amplifier : LK-500ZB and YC-156
Tuner ; Homebrew Double L Network
Tx Antenna ; 600' Loop up 30 ft
Rx Antenna : Shielded Loop

Dave , KF0XQ , Rolla,MO

Transceiver:  Icom 738
Amplifier: Ameritron AL-80B
Tuner: MFJ-989D
Antenna: 160M Horizontal Full Wave Loop, Ladder Line Feed

Tony, KB4ZGO, Martinsville, VA
Transceiver: Primary: ICOM IC751A, Secondary: ICOM IC-706MKIIG
Amplifier: Primary: Alpha 76A, Secondary: Ameritron  811
Antennas: HEX Beam 20-6M, Bob-Tail Curtain 80-40M,  Inverted L for 160M